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Re: fc6 gaim update is BROKEN!

Jon Escombe wrote:
Warren Togami <wtogami <at> redhat.com> writes:

I'm sorry that this isn't working out for you. It worked very well for me and a few other testers. Nobody complained about these problems about this version sitting in rawhide for quite a while now.

Just one small issue to add, this update segfaulted for me due to a clash with
the beta5 version of gaim-meanwhile that's still in extras. Possibly ought to be
a dependancy somewhere that required an update to the plugins too?

Appreciate that this would be hard to spot unless you actually use the meanwhile
plugin, so not really complaining, just fyi (& hoping for an updated plugin at
some point ;)


gaim-meanwhile as a separate package will disappear when the distro merges, because then libmeanwhile will be available for gaim to build against.


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