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Re: Yum-presto (deltarpms) ready for testing.

Jonathan Dieter wrote:

Download Size (without DRPM),Download Size (with DRPM),Percentage Savings,Total Percentage Savings

Additional note: This log is being written only at the very end and if the transaction fails in between I suspect nothing will get written at all. Yum does log incrementally which is more useful. Also the format is not easy to read and you should probably switch to something more standard that can be parsed better by logwatch.

I think our best bet is to get it included into Extras (which may be a
bit of a struggle if I'm to maintain it as I don't maintain any other
packages).  We should then talk with Fedora Infrastructure and see if
they're interested in creating Presto repositories.  If we don't run
into any major problems during the F7/Rawhide timeline, maybe we can get
it installed and enabled by default for F8.  (Though I will definitely
use it during the whole FC6/F7 timeline.)

Yes, the next step would be to get into Fedora Extras, get mirrors and get more feedback. I am using the plugin on my main FC6 box now.


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