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[ANNOUNCE]: F7-test3 ia64 ISOs available

A set of CD ISOs and a DVD ISO based on the Fedora 7 test3 ISOS of the
ia64 Fedora development branch (also known as rawhide) are available from:


0a743739a587f802d906f74beecd3769ee73a06b  F7-test3-ia64-disc1.iso
d8c7e30dee1eea08aaeadcd9fc61fbf3bd98bfa0  F7-test3-ia64-disc2.iso
590ed002a3ecaf0d45c93c982fbb2421cb6d9bef  F7-test3-ia64-disc3.iso
c53d115659f8f7c2fa23a5fc4fc46a56302ed2e3  F7-test3-ia64-disc4.iso
21452de57b0d4c1997a5aeb88e74a78942f34a4b  F7-test3-ia64-disc5.iso
f624c5eb86e8ae2376fa1515b673c2bf6a98432a  F7-test3-ia64-DVD.iso

(Click on Download on left-hand side, and then the F7-test3 directory)

Please remember that F7 ia64 is _unsupported_ by Fedora. You can file bugs,
but be sure to file them against the devel branch of Fedora Core.  Also,
add "fedora-ia64" to the "blocks" field of the BZ.

I am not building an ia64 Live ISO yet either. I am planning to do this in the near future.


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