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Re: Tetris clones

Kelly wrote:
On Tuesday, May 01, 2007 12:50 am Wart wrote:
It was recently brought to my attention[1] that the bsd-games package
contains 'tetris-bsd', a curses-based tetris clone.  This was an
oversight on my part, because if I had paid closer attention during the
review I would have stripped the name 'tetris' and replaced it with
something less objectionable.  Now that I know, I'll do that anyway.

But the bug report is claiming that all tetris clones are illegal and
should be removed, not just the name 'tetris'.  What is the legal status
of tetris (and other game) clones?  Can we get some "official" word from
a legal department on what is and isn't allowed?


IANAL, but it is generally not possible to claim copyright over a game, so only the title would be in a state of legal violation (as the term Tetris is a registered trademark).

Correct, otherwise for example the makers of unreal would be in great trouble with ID software, using the name and using copied / drawn over graphics is a problem. But as long as the graphics (and levels, sounds, etc). are original, and the name of the original game isn't used there isn't a problem



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