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Re: KDE alpha 1 packages for Fedora?

On 5/3/07, Kevin Kofler <kevin kofler chello at> wrote:
Jos Poortvliet <jos <at> mijnkamer.nl> writes:
> Dear people,In a few days KDE 4 alpha 1 will be released, and we would like
> to give as many people as possible the opportunity to have a look at the next
> generation Linux Desktop. Thus an article is being prepared to explain to
> people how they can obtain KDE 4 Alpha 1 packages. A suse livecd already
> exists, and packages will be available for Suse, Ubuntu, Debian and OS X, but
> we haven't heard from the Fedora community yet. So, as to ensure the article
> will be reasonable complete, we'd like to inquire if Fedora will have Alpha 1
> packages available to it's users.

I have parallel-installable kdelibs4, kdepimlibs4 and kdebase4 packages which
are currently at 3.80.3 (with assorted backported bugfixes) and which I'm
planning to upgrade to alpha 1 as soon as it's out. However, my packages are
primarily targeted at developers, not as a sneak preview for users like the
SuSE KDE 4 Live CD. So the focus so far has been safe parallel-installability
with KDE 3 (so a developer can work on KDE 3 and target KDE 4), not full module

I think that for Fedora 8, we will want KDE 4 packaged differently, with KDE 4
as default, all KDE 4 modules packaged and compat-kdelibs3 (and probably
compat-kdebase3 with a subset of the current KDE 3 kdebase, e.g. the KControl
modules which are needed by some applications) to run programs which haven't
been ported yet. (Hopefully we won't need more compat-kde*3 stuff.) But we have
all been busy with the TODO list for the Fedora 7 release, so we didn't have
time to discuss this, and thus it's just my personal plan. Of course, packaging
for Fedora 8 will not start before Fedora 7 is out, which is 3 weeks from now
if things go well.

So I don't know of anyone working on KDE 4 packages like this. I'm sorry, but
I'm not personally going to work on any KDE-4-as-default packages nor on any
KDE 4 modules beyond the basic development platform (kdebase4 + dependencies)
before Rawhide opens for Fedora 8 at the earliest. I'm already way too busy.
IMHO, alpha 1 is too early for use as a default desktop for end users anyway.
If you want to run (or develop) individual KDE 4 apps on a KDE 3 desktop, my
packages are enough (I haven't packaged any such app yet though, and I probably
won't have the time to package any any time soon); for replacing KDE 3
altogether, it's IMHO too early, Fedora 8 is the target I suggest there (but I
may even be overruled and the target set to Fedora 9 instead, we haven't had a
chance to discuss this yet; it will also depend on the Fedora 8 schedule which
AFAIK is not decided yet).

It sounds like I can mention Fedora only has the base packages, mostly aimed at developers. Can you point me to a location I can link to where users can get these packages (or instructions how to get them)?

thanx in advance


        Kevin Kofler

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