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Re: KDE alpha 1 packages for Fedora?

Rex Dieter <rdieter <at> math.unl.edu> writes:
> If I had to say *right now*, yes.  There will still be a whole lot of
> kde3/legacy libraries/apps, so we'll want to keep co-installability.

No doubt we'll still want to be able to run KDE 3 apps! But I'm not sure this 
will necessarily mean relegating all of KDE 4 to some directory like 
the /opt/kde4 I'm currently using. If we do that even when KDE 4.0 is 
supposedly packaged as the default KDE, I'm worried that we're going to be 
stuck with it forever, like SuSE was with /opt/kde3. (They're now moving back 
to /usr with KDE 4, they do have the advantage of not having KDE 3 in there.) 
Hasn't upstream eliminated most of the conflicts in /usr? I could envision 
packaging both KDE 4 and compat KDE 3 stuff into /usr, and where there are 
conflicts, just zapping the KDE 3 one. (For example, if it only affects 
binaries like konqueror which we don't want or need in compat-kdebase3 anyway, 
we can easily do that.) Of course, I still have to look at the alpha to see how 
many conflicts there really are left. One definite problem will be the -devel 
packages, the symlinks will unavoidably conflict. That's a problem most 
compat-lib packages have, the most common solution is a Conflicts, but I don't 
really like it. I hope we can think of an acceptable solution which is neither 
a completely separate prefix nor a -devel conflict. Maybe putting the symlinks 
into the already existing /usr/lib/kde3 or something similar (/usr/lib/kdelibs3 
or whatever)? But that will probably need configure patching in some packages 
which build against kdelibs3.

That was the KDE4DIR part. For what to do about KDE4HOME, that appears still to 
be an open topic upstream. Speculations are that as long as we don't need to 
run the KDE 3 and KDE 4 version of the _same_ apps, sharing the directory 
should just work, but maybe some system services which are always there in both 
versions can cause trouble. What I know for sure is that as long as there's 
apps like Konqueror etc. in both kdebase 3 and kdebase 4, sharing KDEHOME won't 
work. But as I said above, we probably don't want to install the KDE 3 
Konqueror at all in F8. The only parts from kdebase 3 which would be 
useful/needed in a compat-kdebase3 package are the loadable modules (KControl 
config pages and such).

        Kevin Kofler

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