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Re: F7 Zope package

David G. Mackay wrote:
It was nice to see that zope is one of the packages available for
installation in F7.  Unfortunately, the package won't work on F7
(https://bugzilla.redhat.com/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=238809). The
maintainer that received the bug report suggested that I make some noise
on the devel list, so here I am.

I would also make noise, but think it was fully discussed via IRC. I am just checking into the discussion.

 The problem is that the zope version
packaged for F7 won't run with python 2.5.x (nor, to my knowledge will
other zope versions).

There is no 2.5 support as of yet and it looks like only Zope 3 will eventually support 2.5.

 The Zope corporation used to supply "binary" rpms
where the python interpreter that was appropriate for the zope version
was installed in the zope directory tree.  They have discontinued this,
but it seems like a good solution for this particular problem.

This was discussed. Anyone care to add the details as to why we are not going to ship a "runzope" 2.4 binary? I understand a compat-python24 package to be more proper but a middle ground might be to ship a 2.4 binary for exclusive use with zope. I know this has been discussed, I just wanted to point out the options have been run through for the sake of a full reply to David M.

Zope is an excellent platform for serving web-based apps, and is well
worth having available as part of the fedora installation.

Yes, it is.

it will be packaged properly.

Please don't point your finger at me. As the packager, it is not fair to me. This is not a packaging issue. This is an issue of including python 2.4 support or not.

Jonathan Steffan

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