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Re: KDE user stats

The KDE spin should get more love regardless.  But we should treat these
statistics with a bag of salt.  If all I cared about was working on the
popular stuff, I'd be working for Microsoft.

IMHO that logic is flawed. Most of us don't use MS products, because of their poor technological implementation and because we care about using open-source standards-based software. I know MS makes the most used software in the world, but I don't care and will not use it! However, in the world of open-source software, we should care if users do prefer one of the alternatives strongly over the other!

Just hypothetically if we do discover that over 70% of Fedora users use and choose KDE over other desktop environments, like the opensuse user base did. Then perhaps KDE should be treated as a first class DE as much as gnome if not more! I understand redhat likes Gnome on its Enterprise products, but nothing should be stopping fedora from choosing KDE, or at least putting both on equal footing. It's hard to argue, but I always get the feeling KDE is treated as a second class DE.

Anyway, the most important message in this thread, should be that it's important to start gathering information about what DE our user base prefers! Perhaps, a checkbox "I prefer KDE"/"I prefer Gnome" besides the F7 download links, should provide enough clicks for a statistical meaning.

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