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Re: F7 Zope package

On Sat, 2007-05-05 at 02:25 -0600, Jonathan Steffan wrote:

> The point is that 
> there is no planned support for python 2.4 in Fedora 7 and thus I needed 
> to remove the packages from the build system. I invite Zope/Plone users 
> to express their desire to have support but I think I have already 
> fought the battle to the best of my abilities and feel any further 
> action on my part is futile.

Thanks for trying.  This is all starting to sound more like a moral
crusade than a technical discussion.  As a user of both fedora and zope,
I'd like for them to both "just work" together.  The fact that the
parties involved have managed to rationalize the exclusion of several
perfectly viable solutions doesn't speak well for their attention to the
end users.

As you stated in a (deleted for brevity) portion of your message, if the
solution is not supplied by the distro, I'll find or do something
myself.  If so, I might feel compelled to strike Matthew Szulik's name
from my Christmas card list.


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