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Re: Selinux and package guidelines

Till Maas wrote:

Please update the documentation about selinux and packaging[1] first, currently, there is not much help to allow e.g. execmod for a file in a package. Without proper documentation, your demand seems not to be very wise to me.
yes we probably need more/better docs but this is a important issue that can't be simply ignored... how can a package that does not work with something that is enabled by default in fedora get into fedora?

"I've no problems with writing something about SELinux in the guidelines, although you should realise, that handling selinux requires a certain amount of knowledge I'm pretty sure not everyone has, so making this a hard requirement will exclude about 99% of our current packagers." no it wouldn't because 95% of the packages do not require any changes... and the other 5% should read the docs (has to be improved) or aks people that has better knowlege (thats why its a community distro not everybody should know about everything)

p.s: I am ignoring the "packagemonkey issue" because I think its pointless and does not help making fedora better (its the opposite) so please stop it...thx

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