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Possible changes between F7T4 and the final Fedora release

Hi list,

I have a question about the final Fedora release on May 24. The thing is, I downloaded F7T1 and noticed that it had no terminal under the Applications -> Accessories menu. Same with F7T2. This was probably a bug or whatever and I saw several people complaining about this.

Now in test 4, the Terminal is available under Applications -> System Tools. Have me made up our minds? Is the position now final or could it change still when the final is released on May 24th?

Also, I was wondering what kind of work is being done on Fedora currently? I mean, I know there won't be any new features apart from what was in F7T4. So my question is: are you working on things like fonts, graphics, wallpapers, and such, or just fixing bugs and everything else like layout of the tools (see analogy about the terminal) final?

Another thing that bothered me about the layout is the System -> Preferences menu. It was different in Test1, test2 and test4. Have we finally settled on what I see in Test 4 (categorized preferences menu).

In summary, my question is whether or not Fedora 7 will look the same as F7T4 with bug fixes or will Fedora 7 have a different look and feel?

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