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Re: F7 Zope package

I'm a little rusty here, but is there someone willing to maintain python
2.4 inside of Zope itself?  I thought it was discussed, with Jeremy not
liking it, but I'm not aware of an actual person that wants to maintain

I'm not advocating for that, but unless we have a physical person that
wants to do it all further discussion is pointless.

What about the Zope maintainer? Would he like to have Python 2.4.x
inside his Zope package?

What is happening here is that no matter who wants to maintain Python
2.4.x in whatever form for Fedora 7, the idea is being shot down since
Jeremy (the main Python maintainer) does not like it. That is what
needs a little explaining. All that I have seen is that it will cause
"agonizing pain", "it is too difficult", etc..

During the days of Fedora Core 5, we used to have gcc32 (ie., GCC
3.2.x) alongwith GCC (ie., GCC 4.x). Did that cause enough pain too?

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