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Re: F7 Zope package

Till Maas wrote:
On Di Mai 8 2007, Josh Boyer wrote:

The release notes are frozen (at least the ones that make it on the

Is there no procedure to add important forgotten release notes additions there? It is kind of sad that in this thread it is critized that Zope upstream is unable to port Zope to python 2.5 within 9 months but Fedora is not able to mention this in the release notes on the media.

You are too late for the release notes in the media. There has been several announcements here explaining the process. What is really sad is very few people have bothered to read it or contribute to the release notes.

FC5 and FC6 both had post release errata for the release notes. Even when the translation freeze is there you can continue to make changes in the wiki.

Notes on Zope has already been added to http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Beats/PackageNotes. A web update at http://docs.fedoraproject.org will be published in sync with the Fedora 7 release. Release notes has been separated from the fedora-release package from FC6 onwards and updated content can be pushed out easily.


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