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Re: F7 Zope package

Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray wrote:
However, the media release notes always say "the most recent copy of the
release notes are on the wiki", which do get updated.
This is only applicable for last minute decisions.

Is this true? I've always been under the impression that anything that the rel-notes writers had missed pre-release could be included in the updates.

That's correct. The process is not just for last minute decisions. The
number of people who work on the release notes is very few and we do
miss things that gets pointed out and added later.

I am not talking about what the rule book says.

I just clarified the description of the release notes process being actively involved in that effort. Regardless of what you were talking about it might help others to understand the process better and hopefully participate in it.

I can not help
noticing how we are being really rigid while saying, "If Zope can not
migrate to a later release of Python in one year its their headache,
God help them.", but keep giving excuses why such a big development
does not make it to the on-media release notes.

It didn't make it into the on media release notes because there are more people willing to talk in length about how bad it is but not willing to contribute.


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