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Re: Packaging quality, assistance.

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
On 09.05.2007 14:45, David Woodhouse wrote:
How about a tracker bug for each SIG?

Well, we never defined in more detail how Packaging SIGs should work.
Maybe we should create a small set of guidelines that all SIGs follow,
to get such questions answered once and for all and a common "look and
feel". I think we should do that, but don't care enough to do it myself
ATM. And we'll get the usual yelling "to much bureaucracy" or "that's
should be the decision of the SIG itself" of course...  ;-)

A tracker bug sounds like a good idea actually, other then that not too much rules please. (/me starts yelling: "to much bureaucracy"). Seriously, the Games SIG works well, really well if you ask me, but I wouldn't want to make what we do compulsory for other SIGs. Like wise I know the KDE SIG has weekly IRC meetings, if that works for them fine, but it doesn't sound like something which I envision the Games SIG doing soon.

But as said a tracker bug, where SIG people can put themselves in the CC, and where packagers needing help can add there bug, sounds like a good, clean and simple plan. This same bug could be used by bug reporters who think a bug warrants the SIG's attention.



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