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Re: Packaging quality, assistance.

Le Mer 9 mai 2007 14:12, David Woodhouse a écrit :

> I am increasingly concerned by the discrepancy between 'Core' and
> 'Extras' in such matters -- and now that they're merged, we don't seem
> to have the convenient distinction which has always before told me
> 'this
> package should be taken with a pinch of salt'.

Core and Extras also :

* had very different lifecycles/staging with Core adhering stricly to
rawhide, freezes and sparse use of updates, and Extras not having any
common model I can think of (some packagers mirror Core practices,
others ignore repo differences and just dump the same updates for all
the repositories at any time, sometimes after release EOL, or before a
rawhide build)

* had very different consistency levels (Core tried to be
self-consistent, Extras was forbidden to update Core but the
restriction didn't self-apply)

The latest clash is people trying to ignore Core rules and apply Extra
practices to a Core component. Obviously there needs to be some sort
of convergence to avoid new incidents

Nicolas Mailhot

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