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(co)maintainers wanted

I'm spending a lot of time on upstream development and some of the core
desktop packages, but I also own a bunch of other ex-core packages that
I really don't have much time for. I'm looking at getting new
maintainers or comaintainers for interested people.

First some random packages i've ended up with that I rather not own at
all, since I don't really know much about them:

* lcms
* gmime

Then there is a bunch of mono libraries from when I did the initial mono
* gtk-sharp2
* gnome-sharp
* gsf-sharp
Do we have any people using mono that want to take over these, or to
help me comaintain them. The work for these are mostly version upgrades
now that they have been packaged, but its would be nice if someone who
uses them a bit could be involved.

Then we have beagle:
* beagle
This generates a bit more work than the libraries, and as such its
important to have a active set of maintainers. Since it also touches
some of the desktop parts i own (Gnome file handling) i'd like to be
comaintainer here rather than totally loose it.

There is also mono itself:
* mono
* libgdiplus
It would be interesting if we could get some of the upstream mono
developers helping out on this. Do we have any mono developers in the
fedora community?

 Alexander Larsson                                            Red Hat, Inc 
                   alexl redhat com    alla lysator liu se 
He's a bookish guerilla paramedic in a wheelchair. She's a plucky wisecracking 
lawyer operating on the wrong side of the law. They fight crime! 

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