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Re: Review Request: jss - Java Security Services (bz#230262)

Warren Togami wrote:
Right, unsigned in Fedora. Proprietary or 3rd party apps needing a signed JAR would need to provide it from a separate source. Can you confirm that it could be parallel installed without much trouble?
There won't be any need for this, as developers can sign at their own discretion.

Red Hat (the company) could (pending legal approval) choose to proceed with this as part of an internal product. But as the rules stand today, Fedora cannot ship this signed.
We will ship this UNsigned, in Fedora.  Can approval be re-evaluated?

Right, yes it can.
Please let me know what the next steps to working this through the approval committee expediently. I want to make sure there aren't details omitted that would hinder this package from being approved.


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