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Re: Legality of Fedora in production environment

I would also highly recommend contacting the FSF on this matter. Perhaps they can make a recommendation on what action should be taken. We can definitely do things to help on our side, such as the document proposed by Benjamin Kosnik. However, this affects all open source software and not just Fedora. Here is the e-mail address for contacting FSF on this issue:

licensing fsf org

Hopefully, printing/signing the GPL (or whatever license is used) will suffice. If this is the case, we may be able to write a small script/application included in Fedora that scans the License field on installed RPMs to and generates a list of what licenses apply and a verbose flag that also specifies what software falls under each license.

-- Frederick F. Kautz IV

On Fri, 11 May 2007, Patrice Dumas wrote:

On Fri, May 11, 2007 at 05:28:45PM +0400, Dmitry Butskoy wrote:
Randy Wyatt wrote:
Why wouldn't a hard copy of the GPL suffice ?
Yep, but GPL is not approrved officially in our (and many other)
countries. I know that some users do notarially certified translation of
GPL, but it costs money too. (Hopefully the ranslation of GPL only is
enough, not BSD, MPL etc.)

since Russia is a member of the Berne Convention, if I recall well, some
lawyer consider that there shouldn't be a need for a translation and
even that no translation is better. I know that it depends on the lawyer
since, in France there is a dispute against those who think that since
the GPL has some clauses that don't translate easily to french law it is
not applicable and those who think that under the Bern Convention the
GPL should be reinterpretated in the context of the French laws.

In any case I am not convinced that this discussion belongs to
fedora-devel-list, although I am not sure that there exists a list about
those kind of issues.


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