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Re: ipw3945/iwlwifi/iwl3945 users, please test latest davej kernels

On 5/8/07, John W. Linville <linville redhat com> wrote:
If you are a rawhide user/tester and have ipw3945 hardware, please
try the latest kernels here:


I am having mixed results with the latest iwl3945 updates, but I'm
not sure if it is this particular laptop having problems or the driver
in general.

I just got a brandy new thinkpad t60. Using the above kernel, the
iwl3945 saw my home network via NetworkManager. Biggest obvious
problem is the wireless driver and the suspend functionality do not
play well together.  At the moment it looks like I can either disable
the wireless and have working suspend, or having working wireless and
never suspend.

I haven't done a crapload of specific testing.  If there is something
in particular you want me to try to reproduce let me know.

-jef"but the thinklight works... which is the most important thing"spaleta

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