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Re: CD version gone?

On 5/12/07, Kenneth Porter <shiva sewingwitch com> wrote:

Do the computers have USB? If so, you could load a DVD image on an external
drive. They're getting pretty cheap now.

I think one might have USB, but the BIOS would be too old to allow
booting from it.

Was there an official decision by the Fedora steering people to not
make a CD version for Prime (and somewhere I could read the rationale
for this)? I could probably find ways to work around the problem, but
that doesn't stop it from being extremely frustrating to not have a CD
version. Please don't let Fedora develop a culture of ignoring users
with older computers and older hardware (and no internet).

As for using pungi to make a CD set, this is a possibility, but I
think most people who need CD versions will not even know about pungi
or how to use it. People will probably just end up staying with older
versions of Fedora, or changing distro. Pungi may be ok for users who
know it exists, have good enough internet connections, and already
have an operating system that can run pungi, but don't expect it to be
a viable solution for "Fedora users" in general.


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