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Re: Legality of Fedora in production environment

Sex, 2007-05-11 às 17:01 +0400, Dmitry Butskoy escreveu:
> Recently the appropriate laws in my country (Russia) have been 
> significantly toughened. Now the police can check for illegal software 
> usage by their own initiative (without request from the owner). The tax 
> inspection demands that software should be registered at accounts 
> departments.
> During such a checking, the user is obliged now to show all hardcopy 
> license documents (with original signatures and stamps). But there are 
> no any such things for distros like Fedora, which have been just 
> downloaded from Internet, hence the user shows nothing. In this 
> situation the police *must* temporarily confiscate system blocks (up to 
> 2 weeks) for further checking...
> Certainly, after the checking period all hardware comes back, but such 
> troubles are not allowed for normal business.

Safest bet: print Fedora's "EULA", print the GNU GPL, GNU Lesser GPL,
MIT, BSD (revised or not) etc... of the software you use.

Collect them in one document and sign: I Agree, Dmitry Butskoy.

Be very careful of racketeers, here in Portugal, ANSOL has incentivated
people to use only Free Software on their computers, and send back the
"software usage registry form" from the "local" BSA filled with a single

	We use Free Software, we don't need to worry about this
	Usamos Software Livre, não temos de nos preocupar com isto.


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