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Re: Nautilus, MIME and .desktop files

Rick L Vinyard Jr <rvinyard <at> cs.nmsu.edu> writes:
> I'm having a problem getting nautilus to recognize a xournal PDF 
> annotation file. I have the MIME type specified in the .desktop file and 
> thought I had all the entries in the spec to install the desktop file 
> and update the MIME database.

You need a shared-mime-info entry for the MIME type. You also need a .desktop 
file for the MIME type for KDE 3 (KDE 4 (>=3.90.1) uses shared-mime-info, but 
KDE 3 used its own older MIME type system).

You also need icons with the correct names (gnome-mime-application-x-xoj for 
GNOME, application-x-xoj for KDE 4, and any name specified in the MIME 
type .desktop file (I recommend just using application-x-xoj there to avoid yet 
another symlink) for KDE 3), which should be installed according to the icon 
theme spec.

For an example, see:

        Kevin Kofler

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