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Re: Legality of Fedora in production environment

Hey dudes.

You'll find an A4-sized certificate, based on the Fedora EULA, and an A9-sized certificate of authenticity here:


The plan would be to combine:

with the correct, locale-specific EULA, like so for en_US:

Then, for the individual machines you should be able to make stickers with:

I suspect you'll find that this will go down better with pencil-pushers if you add some flash. Adding a metallic strip behind the A9 sticker will do nicely.

The inkscape SVG files are in this directory, so if you need to edit this or alter the image use the inkscape file, not the jpg. In particular, you'll need to do the edits for the Russian locale yourself, as I didn't see the EULA for other locales.

It would be pretty fun to print out a sheet of the A9 stickers and hand them out to fedora users at the next FUDcon or linux meeting. It would be even more fun to have an "authentication" party with libations, since the idea of an "authentic" linux install is pretty humorous to me.

In theory you could store each "license document" owner name you hand out
and invite them to enter it into a web form for verification and have it
report the organisation the license is for etc to make it look good.

... of course, doing this server-side and either having the option to print out the fancy-EULA from the anaconda install screen or adding it as an option/carrot to the smote agreement would be pretty slick.

However, I leave this bit to others.


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