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Re: kernel package

On 05/11/2007 02:13 PM, David Woodhouse wrote:
You seem to build for a bunch of different architectures, but don't have
separate config files for most of them.

Good point; Good idea!

I'd suggest building for ev4|up, ev56+|up and ev56+|smp.

No ev4, we disable ev in glibc for example. So no need to build a kernel for it.

We shouldn't forget ev6 and ev67, there should be a lot of them out there. I don't know about ev7, ev7z and the ev68. I think one or the other es45 (ev68) should be also out there...

Also a good question. For x86, we don't build extra SMP capable kernels anymore, true? Maybe we should do this here as well!? SMP wasn't also working stable on alpha. But if it does now, maybe we should enable it by default...

Are there SMP boxen without BWX?

Hm. Maybe someone with more knowledge about h/w can answer this; EV5 afaik doesn't have bwx. And there's the AS1200; SMP capable and with a 21164 processor, maybe ev5, maybe already ev56 (ev5 was only <= 366 MHz and AS1200 has >= 400 Mhz.).

If all this is true :-) I'm sure there's someone who can answer this better...


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