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Re: pidgin-2.0.0-3.fc7 - i386 version crasheseasily on my system.

On 14/05/07, Peter Robinson <pbrobinson gmail com> wrote:
> > Crash data attached. In my case it looks like its the evo exchange
> > connector. Also amusing is the bottom bit about the spamassassin
> > plugin... I have it disabled in the plugins bit, and the check spam is
> > unselected so it shouldn't load anyway.
> >
> > Peter
> >
> Please file this in Bugzilla.  It needs to be properly tracked and the
> appropriate people notified.
> I checked the plugin defaults.  The evolution plugin isn't enabled by
> default (because it never was stable), and I don't see how it could be
> enabling itself after upgrade.

Nor do I but it did.

Do you want it filed in RH BZ or upstream?


I'm always inclined to file in RH BZ as it *may* be a packing issue given the recent name change etc. You can always hope... :)


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