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Re: Making beagle optional

tir, 15 05 2007 kl. 05:50 +0000, skrev Kevin Kofler:

> Well, the plan is to ship KDE 4 in F8, and the KDE folks are working on 
> supporting Strigi in some apps. But I don't know how work is going on the GNOME 
> side, that probably also depends on whether Beagle or Tracker will end up as 
> the "default" there.
> I'm a bit worried about ending up with 2 or 3 different desktop search daemons 
> autostarted by different apps. (Heck, personally, I don't even want _one_ 
> search daemon autostarted, but users and use cases differ. ;-) )

The FreeDesktop.org Xesam standard nicely solves this by providing a
standard DBus API application developers can use when wanting to employ
such functionality instead of tying it to one specific indexer. This way
Fedora KDE could ship with Stringi and even GNOME apps would work since
they only depend on the Xesam calls and not the backend. This should
entirely remove the multiple indexer problem and ensure a much improved
user experience. Everybody wins.

The best bit is that Xesam has buyin from every major indexer project
from the word go, this should hopefully ensure that the standard gets
adopted smoothly.

I love it when Open Standards work out correctly.

- David

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