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Re: Making beagle optional


I'm personally really disappointed that Beagle's no longer in the
default install.  This isn't to rag on Alex, or to even disagree with
him - if it's causing bugs like this, then I understand why this had to
be done, at least for now.  But Beagle's a great tool - I use it
*daily*, and while it's no problem for me to simply add it back into my
package set, it's too bad that new users won't have Beagle's great
features out of the box.

I can appreciate the idea behind a system wide search, but I feel that it is not viable in a distribution until the usability of that search exceeds or matches the usability of search features built into individual apps.

For example at the moment I can use Firefox to search remote IMAP mailboxes very effectively. Similarly I can use rhythmbox to search for some music, and I can use <photo app of choice> to find pictures. I wouldn't dream of using a search tool to try and find any of these because the apps I would then use to edit/view/use the files already do a really good job. So the use case for the search tool evaporates, and it becomes an annoyance, even if it only uses 30% CPU.

Do any of the search engines try to publish an API that applications can use to implement their indexing / searches? I think that could be a step towards a unified search tool.


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