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Re: [Fwd: Re: Legality of Fedora in production environment]

Vladimir Makarov wrote:
Alexander Bokovoy wrote:

Simo, Vladimir, folks,

please stop distributing this crap. It is unfortunate drop of black PR
from our enemies during current discussions on improving legality of
software in schools at Russian government. But it is far from reality.
Alexander, I am really sorry about this. My appologies. I did not know that it was April 1st joke. I read this just recently and took it seriously. Probably my knowledege about modern Russia is not adequate anymore. I left it ten years ago.

The case described below is April, 1st joke which was created by
www.securitylab.ru portal (a good one!) but went largely unnoticed until
someone showed it to general IT media without linking to the original.


What do you speak about now?

To be clearly understood:
The Russian case described is not "a joke", unfortunately.

Certainly, it is (still) not wide-spread, but I hear about such a threat at each RHEL-related seminar now. A user ask "what about if I just download from Internet", the "official" answer is "it is dangerous, because your computers can be confiscated etc...", and "if you don't want such troubles, buy (our) box with some license paper..."

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