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Looking for GUI application programs for experiments

Hi all,

I am working with a couple researchers at North Carolina State University looking at the TLB behavior. Past studies in this area have used statically linked programs like SPEC CPU to provide workload for the simulator. This is very different than the typical shared-library, GUI application available on the desktop. We would like to have a sampling of workload programs that are more like the typical programs that people use on desktop machines. The characteristics we are looking for in the examples are:

-represent commonly-performed tasks, e.g. edit file and view document
-depend on a number of dynamically-linked libraries
-use GUI
-have built-in accessibility features needed to automate the
	experiment with dogtail
-run for a couple seconds, so instrumented version doesn't take too long
-doesn't require network access

Currently, we have some example workloads using gthumb, evince, and abiword. They are driven by dogtail. We are looking for some additional examples to round out the experiments. Some GUI tests might be suitable for this, but would like to have examples that are more like normal person might use the software rather than a minimal test cases.


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