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Re: Looking for GUI application programs for experiments

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On 5/15/07, William Cohen <wcohen redhat com> wrote:
characteristics we are looking for in the examples are:

-represent commonly-performed tasks, e.g. edit file and view document
-depend on a number of dynamically-linked libraries
-use GUI
-have built-in accessibility features needed to automate the
        experiment with dogtail
-run for a couple seconds, so instrumented version doesn't take too long
-doesn't require network access

Have you looked at the mugshot compiled stats for most commonly used
applications for registered mugshot users who are running fedora?
I think gedit and evince are obvious candidates, but pretty much all
the gtk based applications that are highly ranked should work for you.



Thanks for the suggestion.

We already have an evince example. Have abiword as a word processor example, but the gedit might be good also.


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