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Re: random thoughts on software installation

conflict with others.  But the difference is a lot more fundamental -
for this kind of software, downloading the package is only the *very
first* step in actually getting it working.  You have to configure
these, and there's no way around that. 

Well, why not start integrating pre-configured "puppet recipes" that configure the server software (postfix for example) for popular configurations. The way I see it, you select your server software, and you get a list of popular configurations:
1) Standalone primary mail server
2) Backup MX mail-server
3) Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam gateway

The user chooses a configuration, gets a simple web-interface to fill "parameters" as in "your domain name", "the primary MX IP address" ... etc

The user clicks "Go", the software is downloaded, installed, configured, started. New users will be happy, advanced admins will hack on the configuration even more.

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