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Re: common cvs-import.sh,1.21,1.22

2007/5/22, petersen Jens Petersen <fedora-extras-commits redhat com>:
Log message of change that was reverted:
> On Sunday 20 May 2007 9:29:59 am Jens Petersen wrote:
>> Modified Files:
>>         cvs-import.sh
>> Log Message:
>> no longer cvs tag after importing, since this breaks imports of
>> the same srpm on different branches

> Well, the correct way to fix this is to make the tag use the right dist
> values.  I know our internal imports do the right thing, not sure what piece
> is missing externally.

I suspect that it may actually already be working correctly now (or
someone fixed the issue elsewhere:).  If someone could confirm that it
would set my mind at rest.


I've used it yesterday for lcdproc intial import.
Everything seem to work fine... (tagged and built)
I didn't noticed that something could be wrong about cvs-import.sh.

Nicolas (kwizart)


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