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Re: cdrecord always corrupting CDs

Ahmed Kamal wrote:
It's been a month or so and everytime I burn a CD on my laptop, the process
ends abrubtly. I end up throwing the CD away and burning on another machine.
This CD writer has always worked just fine with Linux and with this FC6
installation specifically. I am attaching k3b's log file. Is this a known
bug ?

Best Regards

The log of the error, here:

Track 01:   36 of  180 MB written (fifo 100%) [buf  99%]   8.5x.
/usr/bin/cdrecord: Success. write_g1: scsi sendcmd: no error
CDB:  2A 00 00 00 49 DE 00 00 1F 00
status: 0x2 (CHECK CONDITION)
Sense Bytes: F1 00 03 00 00 47 7C 0A 00 2B 00 00 0C 00 00 00
Sense Key: 0x3 Medium Error, deferred error, Segment 0
Sense Code: 0x0C Qual 0x00 (write error) Fru 0x0
Sense flags: Blk 18300 (valid) resid: 2048
cmd finished after 5.155s timeout 200s
/usr/bin/cdrecord: A write error occured.
/usr/bin/cdrecord: Please properly read the error message above.
write track data: error after 38727680 bytes

Shows that the drive is reporting the media to be bad. Have you tried any blanks from a different batch of media, or with media from a different vendor? That'd be the first step in diagnosing the problem.


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