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Re: What happen to Wireshark?

On Wed, 2007-05-23 at 09:45 -0400, Steve Dickson wrote:
> I just installed test4 and notice Wireshark was not
> available (not even as an option) but tcpdump was installed
> by default... that is totally wrong..

Wireshark's still available, it's just not in the comps file for the
default spin. 'yum install wireshark' will still work post-install. Or
you could put it in your kickstart file if you're installing over the

If it was *totally wrong* I'd think someone would have mentioned it
after one of the first three test releases. Maybe it's merely

> tshark (the non-gui version of wireshark) should be
> installed by default with the option installed the gui
> (as it was in FC6) and then make tcpdump the optional
> install since at this point its pretty much brain dead
> wrt to later protocols (ala nfsv4)...

This is worth some discussion, but we're in a deep freeze. The final F7
tree will be built in a few days. I'll defer to wiser folk about how
much of an impact this would have, but I think it might have to wait for
F8. Sorry about that. But hey, F8t1 is only 2-3 months away..


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