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Re: What happen to Wireshark?

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Wednesday 23 May 2007 13:19:53 Steve Dickson wrote:
wireshark (i.e. ethereal) has been part of the install since
FC1... so I have to question, why was it even taken out
of the comp file in the first place?? Was there mail sent
out saying that wireshark will not no longer be on the cd?
If so how long ago??? please send me the pointer...
(I try not to miss these types of mails... :-\ )

Now afar as being in the deep freeze... it comes down to
the expectations of our community.. people who use
these types of tools will expect them to be there...
and if they are not, it will just give the Ubuntu
people another stick to beats over the head with...

We (imo) mistakenly removed a very useful tool.. one that
is very well supported making it very stable and has been there
since FC1 (at least tethereal, the non-gui one). and now we have
a chance to correct that mistake.. before the final release..
so lets correct this mistake instead of coming up with a number
excuses of why we can't do this and basically making our
community take an extra step for something they expect
to be there...

Wireshark wasn't a <default> package, so users had to click on it anyway (ooooh unfamiliar!).
Are you sure? I could be wrong... but I've also done a number of
installs over the years...  and I always seem to remember having
to choose the 'wireshark-gnome' package, not the 'wireshark'
package... because it was just there...

What changes is that we're not including every package known to man on the Fedora spin.
I don't understand this...

If you feel that strongly that Wireshark should be used,
I feel strongly that Wireshark should be PUT BACK!
Just like in the other 6 released of Fedora....

propose a patch that makes it a <default> in whatever group it's in. The compose tools will pick it up. But as mentioned, the size and dep difference is pretty big, may overflow the Live images.
What?? Please... I really don't have time to jump through
these hoops... Please just it back and lets move on....


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