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Re: Could a real minimal install be added in F7 or F8?

oke.. lets clear things up a bit.
i get the idea that the comps file (can`t see because i can`t find it) is meant for the installation groups.. that`s not what i meant.

i mean this part in the installation (it`s the same in F7):

and this is what i want (written in RED and to say it before confution gets arround it.. it`s either the "Minimal Installation" or those other options.. all of them selected can`t be possible!!! it`s just a image edit.. you get the idea)

and besides this screenshot.. where do i find that comps file? i don`t have it.

2007/5/23, Till Maas <opensource till name>:
On Mi Mai 23 2007, Jesse Keating wrote:

> To redefine the groupings on the fly?  No.  The groupings are something
> that evolves over time.  If you think you have a change you'd like to make

Wouldn't it be enough to only install yum and optional network stuff (isdn,
ppp and dhcp) for a minimal installation?


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