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Re: What happen to Wireshark?

On Wednesday 23 May 2007 13:45:39 Steve Dickson wrote:
> Are you sure? I could be wrong... but I've also done a number of
> installs over the years...  and I always seem to remember having
> to choose the 'wireshark-gnome' package, not the 'wireshark'
> package... because it was just there...

Oh, and I just looked at the comps file for FC5 and FC6.  In 5 there was no 
wireshark, it was ethereal.  Only ethereal-gnome was in comps, as an optional 
package to the system-tools group.  If you selected it, surely you'd get the 
base ethereal.  In FC6 it was wireshark-gnome, same scenario, no 'wireshark' 
itself in comps.  You'd only get it if you selected wireshark-gnome.  So 
adding 'wireshark' now is a change, or promoting wireshark-gnome to a 
<default> or put it in the manifest so it is on the Fedora spin is also a 

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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