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Re: RFC: Fedora 8 and KDE 4

Le mercredi 23 mai 2007 à 21:29 +0000, Kevin Kofler a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot <at> laposte.net> writes:
> > How will this stuff work with multilib?
> > How will it interact with backup systems?

[…] Lots of stuff to make the proposed scheme work

> > How will resorption happen in one release cycle?
> It would just stay, this would only affect compat libs anyway.

Inclination to keep the mess forever, so it will serve a example and
justification to create other out-of-standard-layout roots. Hopefully
the compat policy will pass first.

Now you see why I wasn't enthused about the proposal.

> There might be other reasons for not using the setup I suggested, but the ones 
> you gave weren't it.

Yes you can always make a bandaid "work" by piling more bandaids on it

> However, it is just a suggestion; we might actually end up 
> with a completely different solution (ideally, upstream will just fix their 
> conflicts), 

I sure hope so and would have let the matter rest for now if not
questioned directly.

Nicolas Mailhot

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