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Re: can fedora has the animation grub like suse?

On 5/24/07, Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com> wrote:
Heh, I don't think it's controversial at all.  I think it's good to be forward
looking.  If we remove the necessities of having a boot menu, then having an
accessable boot menu sort of falls away there too.  However I don't think you
can get away with that on dual boot systems where you want to be able to
select what operating system you boot from.

There are only two reasons to hit the boot menu that I've seen on any
machine where I'm frontline support for. I don't use a11y support so I
can't comment on any aspect of that.

1) Dual booting with windows.  This one has th have an easily
discoverable or easily learned solution i think, since this impacts
non-geek users who aren't necessary doing their own technical support.
Holding down a special key-combo to get to an operating system
selection would work fine i think... if it works... and we can
convince keyboard manufacturers to start pre-labelling their keyboards
with hinting like a little penguin on the default key to hold
down...or stickers to send out with each boxset of fedora.

2) Hardware troubleshooting by twiddling boot time kernel parameters
on the fly via grub's editting features, or falling back to an older
kernel.  If I had to do something to grub.conf while booted into the
linux system to turn that boot menu back on for troubleshooting I
wouldn't be a bent out of shape.   Though of course it would impact my
workflow, and that's always a bad thing.

-jef"yippie stickers!!!!!"spaleta

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