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Re: ifcfg-* files vanishing

On Thu, 24 May 2007, Bill Nottingham wrote:

cardbus/pcmcia devices are considered 'still present' if they disappear;
kill-switch devices don't have a flag that say 'I can disappear at
any time'. :/

Nuts... that explains that then :(

I guess this isn't a problem if you're using NetworkManager (since no ifcfg-* files are needed), but NetworkManager also has it's own problems at the moment. Although, when I was using NetworkManager I had the problem that when the device reappears you get a default ifcfg-* file which causes the boot process to sit there trying to get a DHCP lease off an 802.11 card that has no ESSID set (so it could never work), so this is still a problem.


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