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Re: pxe

eric magaoay schrieb:
> Martin,
> I have been using PXE boot/install F7 development builds without a
> problem (mostly x86_64, but sometimes i386 -build tree). Make sure
> your config setup in dhcpd.conf and config file(s) under pxelinux.cfg
> directory is correct. Try using the boot kernel/initrd located in:
> /isolinux/vmlinuz
> /isolinux/initrd.img
> eric
> Martin Papadopoulos wrote:
>> hello,
>> since the early dev phases of f7 , no single vmlinuz version is bootable
>> via pxe.
>> boot the pxe vmlinuz provided always leeds to "invalid or corrupt kernel
>> image"
>> it's really bugging since nowadays pxe and kickstart are common
>> infrastructure methods for deployment :-(
>> greetz
>> martin papadopoulos
je*** ch*** ,
i had a type in the pxelinux.cfg and misinterpreted the pxelinux message.
sorry guys.

works fine now.

thanx a lot. have a nice we

greetz martin papadopoulos :-)

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