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Re: What's with Nautilus?

David Timms wrote:
> J French wrote:
> ...
>> Next up - Nautilus again: I do A LOT of development in quite a few different languages. If I try to just double click, for instance, an sql dump, I get errors like "this is a VHDL document and requires that extension". Or, if I open a php script that happens to contain only HTML, I get "this looks like HTML rather than PHP". Why does Nautilus care? These are raw text files, which gedit is perfectly capable of handling. In fact, should you attempt to open a binary file through gedit (the only time this should matter), gedit will kindly tell you as much. Am I really expected to go through everyone's files and assign the extensions Nautilus expects just to get around having to go Open With and, sometimes even have to choose Text Editor from "Other Applications"? I can understand this behavior for binary files, but that's not what I'm talking about here. > Also, gedit will reject many of the text config file in /etc/** I think because file provides the type incorrectly.
> I have definitely noticed this annoyance in fedora 6.
> How can I {or better we=fedora} make Gedit the default for pure text files whenever there is not a more specific handler ?
> How can we make right-click "Open in gedit" available on every file ?
> How can we make right-click "Open in ghex" available on every file ?
> How can we make gedit open files that might contain some stray non-text characters, but are essentially text files ? > I can understand code has been tidied up to not allow what you could previously do, but these were very useful time-saving features.
> DaveT.
Yes, this annoyance does indeed exist in FC6 - the delete issue and constant X crashing just had me annoyed enough to bring this up as well. (there are already bug reports on the crashing issues so I didn't mention them).

I think the right idea would be to finish out the "Preferred Applications" tool to include everything rather than just web browser, email client and terminal program. I'm somewhat surprised this hasn't been done yet as it's been complained about ever since FC3 (that I know of). On top of that, Nautilus should be either configured to just open the file in whichever app matches it's metadata or at least give the user the very same notice with a list of applications it thinks are suitable for opening the file (which would at least save some clicks). Note that the first option of just opening the file would dictate (from a usability standpoint) that the preferred applications tool be finished out to include all file types (like wind blows "folder options > file types" dialog).

Aside from that, I agree that users should have those right-click options as well - regardless of anything else done.

Dan Young Wrote:
> Under Nautilus, if you try to remove items (move them to the trash or
> hit Delete with them selected) that are on an NFS drive, you get an
> error "Not on the same filesystem".

>My files deleted from Nautilus on an NFS-mounted /home go into ~/.Trash.
>Works For Me.

Your uname -ri? This was 6.93 x86_64 if that matters. However, I can't see why the platform should have any bearing on the subject at hand. Also, perhaps it's only working properly for nfs mounts under /home - my systems are all mounted under a dedicated fs with something like:
If they weren't, I'd have a nightmare managing them. This shouldn't matter either.

I've since downgraded back to FC6 on this machine - I was simply spending too much time dinking around with all of this in between constant, random X crashes. I really don't think this is going to be stable within 6 days, but who knows. Right now, it's certainly unfit for any real use other than development of the system itself. If I have time later this weekend I'll install it on another 64 bit system and a 32 bit system and play around with it some.


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