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A word on package management

Package management could be greatly sped up if the header files were split into two separate files, one containing only the package's version, dependencies and conflicts and the other containing all of the information that people don't normally look at (license, author, changelog, etc)

Realistically speaking, all of the other package information could be gained by someone who cares to read it with something like "yum viewinfo thepackage". Some changes to createrepo and yum itself would probably make implementation of this rather simple.

On the subject of licenses, at least the GPL should exist in an RPM by itself and be a dependency of all packages covered under that license. The same could be done for other licenses as well and this would ensure the end user had a copy on system. Of course, this would require a bit of work by the package management team as the dependency would need to be added to all of those package. Even better, the proper license RPM could be dictated by the License field already in those files.



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