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Re: Suspend stopped to work (Re: Explaining the suspend quirks...)

Richard Hughes wrote:
On Sat, 2007-05-26 at 11:37 +0200, Martin Sourada wrote:
I just installed old 3149 (i686) kernel and did some testing and the
result is that on 3149 it works and on 3189 and 3194 doesn't...

Not very descriptive. Doesn't suspend how... What do you see on the
screen prior to resume and during resume? Is there anything
in /var/log/messages? Does the kernel panic? Are you running on LVM?

Sorry to get sarcastic, but seriously, I can't help debug a problem when
the reports are:

"It used to work and now it doesn't..."

So definitely a kernel bug in recent kernels. That's no good to ship broken kernel in
final :( Seems I have to BZ this, if someone haven't yet.

Or, try to bisect this - it's probably an upstream problem.


I am sorry, but I meant that message only as a notification that it does not work. I wanted to be more descriptive in BZ.

However, I'll try to answer to all your questions as good as I can. So. Prior to suspend I see the same thing with all three kernels and that is some message saying that it suspending consoles. Then the computer suspends. I wake up the notebook by pressing a key on a keyboard. During resume I see nothing save for hdd LED blinking. The computer starts, at least so it seems, but screen, as well as my USB mouse, remains turned off. Disk work for some time and then stops. Nothing more happens after that. In /var/log/messages I didn't find anything, no kernel panic anywhere. Yep, I am running on LVM and have SELinux turned off. According to the bug I have found and added comments to (#241310), it seems that it broke between 3176 and 3180 kernels (I'll try both to confirm this as soon as I download them). Hope this info helps.

If you still need more info just ask, I will give you all I can.


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