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Re: CPU overheating

Well, this is not a grease problem, because it overheats *only* after resuming from a suspend to ram. On a clean boot, the CPU is very well cooled.

It might be a BIOS thing, but yes I have flashed a new one around 6 months ago. And of course resuming from ram on Windows works fine, so probably a driver is doing some magic. The kernel is supposed to be controlling the fan speed, right ?

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On my toshiba satellite A105, hibernating (suspend to disk) works very well. Suspending to RAM, also works beautifuly, it suspends, flashes the orange power button, and resumes perfectly.
Only problem is (yes there has to be one), waking up from suspend to ram, it seems the CPU fan does not run (or runs at minimal speed). Which is why, the temperature overheats (100C or so) then I could smell my CPU burning (you can imagine how angry/scared that made me) and a few minutes later, the hardware protection circuits would poweroff the laptop (thank God).

I have a bugzie opened (233246) over two months ago, and havent heard from anyone. Since this bug can destroy hardware, and since my satellite laptop is hardly rare hardware, my preception is that this bug should get some attention. I'm open for any testing for quircks that might solve this. Let me know of any tricks/quirks I can test, so we can add this to quirks mode.
PS: I'm still on FC6 though (latest update), not sure if I need to be on F7


Normally this is caused by either the bios or no grease between the cpu fan and the cpu, the quickest thing todo is to see if you can turn the cpu on via the bios or get a newer bios if that doesn't work then someone needs to remove the cpu fan and put grease on it.

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