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Re: A couple of serious questions

On Fri, 13 Apr 2007 09:42:53 +0200, Matej Cepl wrote:

> Jane Dogalt <jdogalt yahoo com> writes:
>> I for one really like the idea, with one extra caveat- Make sure there
>> is also a good batch/commandline (read: scriptable) backend in addition
>> to one or more GUI backends, and possibly a curses-ish text based one
>> as well.  (but my focus is on being able to easily control any
>> functionality from a bash script).
> +1
> This is the point which should be stressed a lot -- I mean, still the
> main customers of RH are on server side and inability to use some tools
> without installing gnome (ehm, ehm, gnome-power-manager) seriously
> hurts. I know this is fedora list, but still there are some people who
> use Fedora-based distros on servers, right?
> Best,
> Matej


Yes, lot of people seems to be using Fedora for servers. I agree the 
problem of config tools has to be re-approached. Distinction between 
backend and front-ends is desired. 

I have my own lame view how this should be approached, I regret if some 
might not agree because I am just a tech guy I hope someone else can 
improve on it. 

+ s-c-* tools have been done very well over the years
+ the development of s-c-* further should consider a backend and 
frontends in:
-> Gnome
-> KDE/Qt
-> NCurses 
-> Web? 

* More or less we have discussed, but web frontend is what I cite as more 
important. Once we have a backend in place, building a web based front 
end is always quick and easy, that also helps speed up development and 
testing. I believe there are various other advantages of such a 
development trend for s-c-*

* I dully notice it might not be appropriate for every s-c-* tool to have 
a web front-end, maybe someone else can help share their vision on this 

* This will also require a daemon to host s-c-* tools on a Fedora host, 
maybe something can be figured out ?

This all might sound like webmin kind of approach but I consider s-c-* 
tools have worked very well and neat than webmin, besides that, fresh 
ideas can do better. I had this in mind for a long while and I just felt 
sharing it across on this thread. 

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