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Re: A couple of serious questions

Le mardi 29 mai 2007 à 19:57 +0000, Anuj Verma (Kevin) a écrit :

> + s-c-* tools have been done very well over the years
> + the development of s-c-* further should consider a backend and 
> frontends in:
> -> Gnome
> -> KDE/Qt
> -> NCurses 
> -> Web? 

You'd have to be real careful the frontends were kept synced too. Having
to install GNOME libs may hurt, but having to maintain several sets of
admin doc because the frontends have different capabilities would hurt

People only have to be hit a few times by missing stuff in one frontend
to stop considering it at all. Admins may like the idea of a
Qt/NCurses/whatever frontend but they are practical people and will take
the complete primary upstream frontend over it any day.

Nicolas Mailhot

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