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Re: shiny desktop, anyone?

On 5/29/07, Kelly <lightsolphoenix gmail com> wrote:
On Monday, May 28, 2007 6:00 pm Chris Brown wrote:
> As for arguing that Beryl and Compiz packages are not getting
> the required attention then it would be helpful if you elaborated a little,
> particularly regarding the bugs. Even have a trawl through bugzilla and add
> your thoughts.

Obviously somebody has missed that Beryl/Compiz can't be default on ANY distro
(and in fact isn't default on any distro I know of), simply because it
requires a certain level of system upgrading that can't just be ASSUMED to be
there.  My desktop can run Beryl, but my laptop can't, so I'd have a pretty
hard time using a distro that used Beryl by default...

There should be atleast an option during first desktop boot or in live
cd install saying something like this: "Would you like to test 3D
deskop acceleration? We don't guarantee it works so try at your own
risk." Done. And if it fails in 30 seconds revert back to plain X.

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