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Re: if this is a bug then it is a nasty BLOCKER for F7

On 30/05/07, Valent Turkovic <valent turkovic gmail com> wrote:
On 5/30/07, Christopher Aillon <caillon redhat com> wrote:
> Valent Turkovic wrote:
> > Other people have posted this bug not me, so there are other cases of
> > this kernel breaking suspend! It is not my laptop because it suspends
> > great with a bit older kernel.
> > If you have read my bugzilla report you have seen lots of proof there
> > - so please go read it first.
> My point was yes it breaks for some people, but not all.  Besides,
> suspend has been broken for a long time, so it being broken one more
> release is not a blocker.  We'll fix it as soon as we can.

Ok, I misunderstood you.
I'll hold you for what you said :) Please make suspend work as soon as
possible... because it is a really useful feature when it works.

There are plenty of people working on it. If you would like to help in the effort then developers need feedback on what is breaking for you and to that end you can have fun learning the intricacies of gdb and git-bisect. I also imagine if you subscribe to the kernel-devel mailing list and provide as much feedback as possible when suspend/resume breaks for you you will get things fixed quicker. You may also wish to consider testing development kernels.



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